The Best Thai Hip-Hop Artists of All Time

Thai hip-hop has grown into a powerful cultural force, with Thai hip-hop artists blending local flavors with global influences to create unique sounds. Here are some of the best Thai hip-hop artists who have significantly shaped the genre.

1. Thaitanium

Thaitanium is arguably the most influential Thai hip-hop group, often credited with pioneering the genre in Thailand. Formed in 2000, the group consists of Khan, Way, Day, Big Calo, and DJ Buddha. Their fusion of Thai and English lyrics, along with beats that draw from both Western and Asian influences, has garnered them a massive following. Hits like “Ta Lueng” and “Do You” are staples in the Thai hip-hop scene.

2. Joey Boy

Joey Boy, also known as Apisit Opasaimlikit, is one of Thailand’s hip-hop pioneers. Starting his career in the mid-1990s, Joey Boy has consistently pushed the boundaries of Thai hip-hop with his innovative style and lyrical prowess. Songs like “Rai Tard” and “Lom Nao” have cemented his status as a hip-hop legend in Thailand.

3. Daboyway

Daboyway, also known as Way Thaitanium, is a key figure in Thai hip-hop. As a member of Thaitanium and a solo artist, he has significantly influenced the genre. His solo work, including tracks like “Aow La Woii,” showcases his talent in blending catchy hooks with meaningful lyrics, making him a prominent name among Thai hip-hop artists.


F.HERO, also known as Golf F.HERO, is known for his deep voice and powerful lyrics. Starting his career as part of the group Fucking Hero, he has since made a name for himself as a solo artist. His collaborations with other artists, including “YOO (อยู่)” with Twopee and “Do You” with Thaitanium, highlight his versatility and impact on Thai hip-hop.

5. Twopee Southside

Twopee Southside, or Pitawat Pruksakit, is a prominent figure in the contemporary Thai hip-hop scene. As a member of the duo Southside and a solo artist, Twopee has released numerous hits like “Aow La Woii” and “Welcome to the South.” His energetic performances and relatable lyrics have made him a favorite among fans of Thai hip-hop artists.

6. UrboyTJ

UrboyTJ, formerly known as TJ 3.2.1, is a versatile artist blending hip-hop with pop and R&B elements. His solo career has seen hits like “Mai Kuey” and “Do You Mind?” which showcase his ability to craft catchy tunes with heartfelt lyrics. UrboyTJ’s impact on Thai hip-hop is marked by his innovative approach and cross-genre appeal.

7. Illslick

Illslick is known for his smooth flow and distinctive voice, which have made him a standout artist in Thai hip-hop. With tracks like “Stoner Love” and “Rao Mai Tang Gun,” Illslick has gained a loyal fan base. His introspective lyrics and unique style have solidified his place among the top Thai hip-hop artists.

8. Youngohm

Youngohm is a rising star in Thai hip-hop, known for his catchy beats and engaging lyrics. His breakout hit “Choey Moey” catapulted him to fame, and he has continued to release popular tracks like “Thararat” and “Doo White.” Youngohm’s fresh approach and relatable themes resonate with a younger audience, making him a key player among contemporary Thai hip-hop artists.

9. J$R

J$R, a trio consisting of Jayrun, $ir Poppa Lot, and Rattapoom Tokongsup (Jazz), is known for their dynamic performances and sharp lyrics. Tracks like “Aow Lae” and “Yoo Nai Jai” showcase their ability to blend humor and social commentary, making them a unique voice in the Thai hip-hop scene.

10. 4E Rastafari

4E Rastafari, also known as 4E, is a veteran in the Thai hip-hop scene. His music often incorporates elements of reggae and dancehall, creating a distinct sound that sets him apart. Songs like “Niyai” and “Nai Fhun” highlight his storytelling skills and cultural influences, earning him respect among Thai hip-hop artists.


Thai hip-hop is a diverse and vibrant genre, thanks to the contributions of these talented Thai hip-hop artists. From pioneers like Thaitanium and Joey Boy to contemporary stars like Youngohm and UrboyTJ, these artists have shaped the Thai hip-hop scene and brought it to the forefront of the country’s music culture. Whether through innovative beats, thought-provoking lyrics, or energetic performances, these Thai hip-hop artists have left an indelible mark on the genre.

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