Channel V Thailand’s Most Memorable VJs

Channel V Thailand has been a cornerstone of music television in the region, with its lineup of charismatic VJs playing a crucial role in shaping Thai pop culture. Here are some of the most memorable VJs who have left a lasting impact on viewers:

1. Tara McDonald

Tara McDonald was one of the iconic VJs of Channel V Thailand, known for her vibrant personality and deep knowledge of music. Her energetic presence and engaging interviews made her a favorite among viewers during her tenure.

2. VJ Woody

VJ Woody, also known as Supanat Siratanaopath, became synonymous with Channel V Thailand. His witty commentary, stylish demeanor, and ability to connect with the audience made him a beloved figure on the channel.

3. VJ Book

VJ Book, or Natthaphong Kritsanasuwan, brought a youthful exuberance to Channel V Thailand. His passion for music and easygoing charm resonated with viewers, making him a popular choice for hosting various music shows.

4. VJ Pae

VJ Pae, also known as Pae Surachai Chetchotisak, stood out with his distinctive voice and laid-back hosting style. He became known for his insightful music reviews and artist interviews, enhancing the channel’s credibility among music enthusiasts.

5. VJ Paula

VJ Paula, or Paula Taylor, transitioned from modeling to becoming a prominent VJ on Channel V Thailand. Her international background and natural charisma made her a standout presence, hosting shows and events with flair.

6. VJ Dome

VJ Dome, or Thanapon Boonpipattanapong, brought a dynamic energy to Channel V Thailand. His ability to hype up the audience during music countdowns and events earned him a loyal following among viewers.

7. VJ Woo

VJ Woo, also known as Worranit Thawornwong, impressed viewers with her sharp wit and engaging on-screen persona. Her versatility in hosting different music genres and live shows contributed to Channel V Thailand’s appeal.

8. VJ Eve

VJ Eve, or Chayanit Pat, charmed audiences with her warm personality and deep passion for music. Her insightful interviews with local and international artists provided viewers with unique behind-the-scenes perspectives.

9. VJ Jay

VJ Jay, or Thapanont Phothiwongsakorn, made his mark with his infectious enthusiasm and love for all things music-related. His ability to connect with viewers through interactive segments and special features made him a fan favorite.

10. VJ Madoka

VJ Madoka, or Madoka Ono, brought a touch of international flair to Channel V Thailand. Her bilingual skills and understanding of both Eastern and Western music cultures enriched the channel’s programming, appealing to a diverse audience.


These memorable VJs played pivotal roles in Channel V Thailand’s success, shaping the channel into a hub for music enthusiasts across the region. Their charisma, knowledge, and passion for music left an indelible mark on viewers, contributing to the channel’s cultural significance and legacy in the world of music television.

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