Top 10 Collaborations Between Thai and International Artists

In the ever-evolving music industry, collaborations between artists from different countries have become a trend that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers. Thailand, with its vibrant music scene, has witnessed several successful collaborations with international artists. These partnerships have not only broadened the reach of Thai music but have also enriched the global music landscape. Here, we explore the top 10 collaborations between Thai and international artists, showcasing the magic that happens when diverse musical talents unite.

1. BamBam (GOT7) & F.HERO

BamBam, the Thai member of the popular K-Pop group GOT7, teamed up with renowned Thai rapper F.HERO for the hit single “Do You.” This collaboration highlighted BamBam’s versatility and F.HERO’s unique style, creating a track that resonated with fans across Asia.

2. Tattoo Colour & SuG

Tattoo Colour, one of Thailand’s most beloved pop-rock bands, joined forces with Japanese visual kei band SuG for the song “Addiction.” This East meets East collaboration blended different rock styles, bringing together fans from both countries.

3. Slot Machine & Owl City

Thai rock band Slot Machine collaborated with American electronic music artist Owl City on the single “Give It All to You.” This partnership combined Slot Machine’s energetic rock sound with Owl City’s dreamy electronic vibes, resulting in a unique and uplifting track.

4. Palmy & Jason Mraz

Palmy, a leading figure in the Thai music industry, collaborated with American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz on the song “Lucky.” The duet was praised for its heartfelt lyrics and harmonious blend of Palmy’s soulful voice with Mraz’s signature acoustic style.

5. Golf-Mike & Tackey & Tsubasa

The Thai pop duo Golf-Mike collaborated with Japanese duo Tackey & Tsubasa on the track “My Angel.” This cross-country collaboration was a significant hit, blending J-Pop and T-Pop elements that appealed to fans in both Thailand and Japan. This example of Thai and international artists collaborations showcases the successful fusion of different pop cultures and the widespread appeal of such partnerships.

6. Lydia & Boyd Kosiyabong with John Legend

Thai R&B singer Lydia and legendary Thai producer Boyd Kosiyabong teamed up with American singer John Legend for the song “Let’s Make Love.” This collaboration was a beautiful fusion of Thai and Western R&B, showcasing the vocal prowess of both Lydia and Legend.

7. Bird Thongchai & Lisa (BLACKPINK)

Thai superstar Bird Thongchai and Lisa from BLACKPINK collaborated on a special project for a Thai beverage commercial, performing a remix of Bird’s classic hit “Too Much So Much Very Much.” Lisa’s rap and dance skills brought a fresh twist to the iconic song.

8. Da Endorphine & Boyz II Men

Da Endorphine, one of Thailand’s top female rock artists, collaborated with the legendary American R&B group Boyz II Men on the song “End of the Road.” This collaboration blended Da Endorphine’s powerful vocals with Boyz II Men’s smooth harmonies, creating a memorable rendition of the classic hit.

9. Jannine Weigel & DJ Antoine

Thai-German singer Jannine Weigel worked with Swiss DJ Antoine on the dance track “North Star (Finding You).” This collaboration showcased Jannine’s versatile talent and Antoine’s skill in creating infectious beats, resulting in a catchy and popular song.


Thai pop sensation Peck Palitchoke collaborated with the British electronic duo HONNE on the track “Location Unknown.” The song was praised for its catchy melody and the seamless blend of Peck’s smooth vocals with HONNE’s electronic sound.


These top 10 collaborations between Thai and international artists demonstrate the power of music in bridging cultural divides and amplifying their reach through social media, highlighting the impact of social media. Each partnership has brought something unique to the table, enriching both the Thai music scene and the global music industry. As the world becomes more connected, we can look forward to more exciting and innovative collaborations in the future.

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